X-Man Series

It's the perfect gift for anyone on your list. The X-Man Puzzle Series come to you in a CD-sized jewel case, making them the right size for displaying on a desk or shelf.

And X-Man Puzzle is now offering our very challenging 3D Puzzle. Read more about it below.

We have several pre-made puzzles, in addition to our custom crafted ones.

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The Silhouette Series

This collection celebrates the color, texture and grain of wood. The shape and color provide a warm, yet playful masterpiece for your home or office. Click here to see our Silhouette Puzzle Series selection.

3D Puzzle

Take a basic block form, turn it into a three dimensional, 18 piece puzzle. Now try to assemble it. Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

This is one challenging puzzle that can take hours to complete. Constructed of beautiful laminated colored wood, each puzzle is hand-cut differently...no two are exactly the same. And because each one is unique, there are no instructions to help (no cheating allowed). All you know is that the final form is a simple 3-dimensional rectangle. Oh, and did we mention that it comes already disassembled? Cruel, I know.

Click here to begin the challenge.

Executive Gift Series

Don't forget the hardworking person in your life. Our Executive Gift Series is the one-of-a-kind present for the business person. We can create a custom-made business card jigsaw puzzle that looks great anywhere in the office. It's the perfect and unique way to show a client or employee your appreciation. All we ask is three copies of a business card which is used in the creation process. Click here to see our Executive Gift Puzzle Series selection.

But you don't only have to display business cards. X-Man Puzzles can put a copy of one of your child's drawings on a small (or large) wooden jigsaw puzzle for display at the office. Contact us for more information.

Each puzzle is delivered to you in a clear CD jewel case with the puzzle cutter’s history and information enclosed.  The level of detail hand-crafted into each puzzle piece can be seen by clicking here. They can be displayed on easels like other fine works of art; a one of a kind collectable gift.

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