About The Artist
Randy Crossman

Randy Crossman is a seventh generation Vermonter who has been designing and crafting furniture as a profession. Still, puzzle cutting is his passion.  As a self-taught puzzle cutter, Randy has perfected this form of artistry over the past twenty years with the use of a precision scroll saw.

The name X-Man Puzzles came about as a tribute to his mom, Jean Crossman, who always signed her cards and letters, "Love, Grandma X man or Mom X man."

Randy, as president of The Vermont Sleigh Company and Yankee Woodworking, has designed and created many pieces of fine furniture. Some of his high-end puzzles have been inlayed into one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. These unique items can be seen in the Gallery page. We encourage you to visit his furniture and home accessory sites: www.vermontsleigh.com, www.yankeewoodworking.com, and www.trailsigns.net.